9 months ago

Episode 26 - State Fairs & Czechoslovakian Prancing Shells, The Matrix: Incepted, Yummy Bugs in the Room of Requirement

Full steam ahead for the cap'n's in this weeks dream-cruise!

10 months ago


The captains get spooky on some lightning round nightmare fuel in this spooktacular episode!

a year ago

Episode 24 - Dinohunt, Eyescraping & Seizures, Mr. Pimple

The cap'n's are back from a rough week at sea to delve in the depths of our dreaming minds.

a year ago

Episode 23 - Say Yes to the X-Ray Specs, VOYEURS Starring: Masha, Magma-nificent, Mayor of Poop-Car

Perhaps the most ostentatious voyage yet; these dreamy boys attempt to woo your ears with premium dream-ium podcast bait.

a year ago

Episode 22 - Gas The Spriggans, Sleep Over Purgatory, Connor Gets Punk'd

The cap'ns try their special sauce once again as they work to interpret dreams of all kinds.

a year ago

Episode 21 - Long Floppy Planes & Wild Automobile Rides

Dem Captains back! Another excursion into the subconscious interpreting dreams and rendering what they may mean.

a year ago

Episode 20 - Welcome Aboard JM DeBord!

This weeks the captains invite special guest author and dreams expert JM DeBord for a special 90 minute voyage on The Dream Boat!

a year ago

Episode 19 - Fridge Raiding, Baffling Binoculars, Tiny Feline Escapades

The cap'ns search the shifting shoals of the subconscious.

a year ago

Episode 18 - Meme House & Moving, Connor Gets a Visit from the Jollly One, Scotts Eternal Slog

The cap'ns are back with a full length adventure!

a year ago

Episode 17 Minisode! - Lizardball and Future Fridges

Our captains take just a brief jaunt this week.