a year ago

Episode 16 - Dark Octopuses (pretty sure thats right), Spooky Monsters Crash a Concert and the Mezzanine

Our captains tackle eight legged cephalopods, vampires and werewolves.

a year ago

Episode 15 - W.W.W.D.: What Would Willie Do?/What Would "W." Do?

Our captains seek solutions from secret sages in the seas of our subconscious!

a year ago

Episode 14 - Devil May Care, Laissez Faire, Worms in Your Hair

After a brief encounter with some seaworms our captains correct course for dreamsville!

a year ago

Episode 13 - Yellow Mattresses & 12 Year Olds, Skiing Uphill & Holden Caulfield Coyotes

These salty sea dogs learn some new tricks and beef up the production value

a year ago

Episode 12 - Einstein the Cat, Owls of all Sorts, Blue Fish

The ol' dreamboat is spotted by redditors on their quest across the seas of dreams.

a year ago

Episode 11 - Dr. Eamer's Brother Talks Lucid Dreams, Foreign Lady Hands, A Wild Old Pianist

Our captains phone up a new first mate on a venture to understand how one controls the seas of our sleeping minds.

a year ago

Episode 10 - Cowboy Spelling Bees, Broken Ceramics & Mummies, Connor Joins The Decemberists

Our Captains are back to business as usual riding the waves of community dream content! 10 episodes?! Tharrr she blows!

a year ago

Episode 9 - The Dream Boat Goes To The Movies: Akira Kurosawa's 'Dreams'

Our Captains take dock on the ol' cinema to analyze one of the greatest dream oriented works of art of the 20th century.

a year ago

Episode 8 - Gator Hoppin', Bar Fights, Lunch with Brittany and Jerry

Our captains catch a favorable wind from more community submitted dreams!

2 years ago

Episode 7 - Dr. Eamer Discusses Dogs, Parisian Bike-TV's, Malicious Maters Mocking Mockingbird

Captain Connor has another boat dream and the Cap'n's tackle a dream-ception!